Lucky Jet 1Win - Catch the x1,000 Multiplier Today

Lucky Jet at 1Win offers fun and simple gameplay with high multipliers and innovative features. Make a deposit and extend your gambling fun with a 500% welcome bonus of up to 51,939,600 IDR from 1Win.

fun and simple gameplay Lucky Jet at 1Win

About Lucky Jet Casino Game

The Lucky Jet 1Win game was developed in 2021 by Gaming Corps. It is based on the famous Aviator title and has similar controls and mechanics. You can place two bets at once, set up auto cashouts, and more. There is also a live chat feature in this game. Check out the main highlights:

why you should play Lucky Jet 1Win
GenreCrash game
ProviderGaming Corps
Release Date2021
PlatformsiOS, Android, Windows, macOS
Min/Max Bet1,562 IDR/1,562,870 IDR

Lucky Jet Casino Game’s Top Features

Apart from the game’s catchy design and nifty mascot, Lucky Joe, Lucky Jet has plenty of features to keep players entertained.

  • Double and auto cashouts. The game controls are highly customizable, letting you place two bets simultaneously and even tell the game to cash them out for you.
  • Leaderboard and chat. From the left side of the screen, you can see others’ top bets through the “Top Bets” section. Through chatting with other users, one can easily learn from their mistakes and discuss them.
  • Bet automation. Feel free to automate your game completely. Choose the bet amount, and the game will place wagers for you.
  • High multipliers. Catch multipliers of up to x100, x200, x1,000, or higher.
How to play Lucky Jet 1Win

With Lucky Jet, you can never get bored or disappointed. The networking opportunities will not let you feel alone, and the 97% RTP will provide many large payouts to keep it interesting.

How to Start Playing

First of all, you need an account to play the game for real money. To make a perfect start in Lucky Jet, follow these steps:

  1. Go 1Win. Visit the official site of 1win casino and click the registration button in the page’s upper section.
  2. Fill in the registration form. You can sign up through social networks or go for quick registration, which involves providing your email address, phone number, and password and choosing a currency.
  3. Deposit money into your account. To deposit cash, log into your account first and go to the “Deposit” section.
  4. Find the Lucky Jet game in the game lobby. You may access this game through “Quick Games.”
  5. Start up the game. Change your bet size using a toolbar and place your bet there.
how to start plaing

You can try the demo version for free without creating an account at 1Win official site.

Lucky Jet Gameplay

Lucky Jet has a 5-second betting period before rounds. Set up the bet size and press the “Bet” button to place a wager. Once the round begins, Lucky Joe will soar up in the skies, and the multiplier will start increasing.

You must press the “Cash Out” button while Lucky Joe flies. When he crashes, the round ends, and the bet loses if you haven’t withdrawn it.

To make the game even easier, Lucky Jet 1Win offers several features for bet management:

  • Auto bet. Set up the bet amount, and wagers will be placed automatically,
  • Auto cashout. This feature lets you set the multiplier value at which the game will withdraw the bet for you.
  • Double bet. Place up to two bets at the same time.
lucky jet 1win game features

How to Win at Lucky Jet

You may wonder why there is a need to develop any strategies for a game that depends on randomness. However, seasoned Lucky Jet gamers have demonstrated that some approaches enable them to win more frequently:

  • Low risk. It includes placing small bets and cashing them out using a low multiplier (e.g., 1.1). It’s not much fun, but it’s very unlikely you’ll lose.
  • 3-1 strategy. Place two bets, of which the higher one is to be withdrawn at a low multiplier and the lower one played with a high multiplier.
  • All statistics are needed. The game provides information on previous rounds so you can see an average multiplier and bet accordingly.

Also, be sure to use 1Win promotions for even higher profits. Cash in after registration to unlock a 500% welcome bonus of up to 51,939,600 IDR.


Lucky Jet is an enjoyable game for players with gaming preferences. This title offers a fresh alternative to slots and classic casino games, letting players cash out whenever they want, place two bets at once, and explore game statistics.