1Win Aviator - Play the Top Crash Game with a 500% Bonus

1Win attracts players with over 11,000 games on its list, but among the most popular ones is Aviator. Developed by Spribe, 1Win Aviator is an engaging crash game that allows you to control when to withdraw your bet. Sign up now, claim your 500% bonus of up to 51,939,600 IDR, and enjoy 1Win Aviator!

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About Aviator Casino Game

Aviator is among the most exciting games available at 1Win casino. The outcome of every round relies not only on luck but also on you and your patience. Place your bet, wait until the multiplier rises, and cash out before the round ends.

quick look at 1win aviator

Here’s a quick look at 1Win Aviator:

GenreCrash game
Release DateFebruary 2019
Min/Max Bet1,562 IDR/1,562,870 IDR
PlatformWindows, macOS, Android, iOS

Aviator Casino Game: Top Features

1Win Aviator offers several features unavailable in other casino games. Unlike live games, it gives you the opportunity to try it for free in demo mode. In addition, players get the following benefits:

  • A double bet option;
  • Live round statistics;
  • In-game chat for exchanging views and opinions on the gameplay;
  • You can check the round fairness manually.
  • Cash out your bet at any time
players get the following benefits

How to Start Playing?

To enjoy the 1Win Aviator game, you must sign up by entering your personal data or using a social network account. Do the following:

  1. Visit 1Win. Visit the casino’s website and click “Registration.”
  2. Sign up. Complete the registration form if you selected the fast method or link your profile through one of your social networks.
  3. Cash in. After registration, Click “Deposit” and top up your 1win account.
  4. Find the game. Look for 1Win Aviator located in the header, or use a search engine.
  5. Start playing. Place a bet and wait for your turn to begin.
how to start playing aviator

Be sure to try out the demo mode before playing for real money to learn how the game works.

Aviator Gameplay

The gameplay in Aviator is basic yet engaging. You place a bet before the round starts. After that, a plane starts flying higher and higher as the bet multiplier increases. Your objective is to cash out before the plane flies away. The multiplier starts at 1x and goes up to 1,000,000.

You can use several in-game features for your convenience:

  • Two bets. The double bet option requires you to place two different wagers at the same time.
  • Autoplay. At the top of the screen, there is an “Autoplay” button. If you activate this feature, your bets will be placed automatically. You only need to set the bet amount.
  • Aotu Cashout. The game can withdraw bets for you. Set up the multiplier value, and once the plane reaches it, the wager will be cashed out automatically.
  • Rain Promotion. This promotion represents a free bet available 20 times per day. Only ten players can apply for it at a time. You can get your free bet by clicking the “Get” button in the live chat.
how to play the aviator 1win game

How to Win at Aviator?

While the game’s result is mostly a matter of chance, you can use some strategies and advice to get the best out of it. Here are some hints that will help you increase your winning chances:

  • Don’t ignore the Double Bet feature. It allows you to place two bets simultaneously, which can be cashed out at different times during the game. Set a bigger bet and withdraw it at the beginning. The second one should be smaller and kept for longer.
  • Use auto withdrawal. Since 1Win bet Aviator lets you cash out automatically, set the multiplier in order not to miss it.
  • Use live statistics above the playing field. With this option, past results that will allow you to make bets in the future can easily be analyzed.
  • Make sure to control your budget all the time when playing the Aviator online game, and watch your expenses carefully.

You can also try using betting strategies like Martingale and double your bet amount every time you lose, but this approach may be risky as it works best with 1:1 bets.